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Yo, i saw that drawing of the robot and "sit down to talk about GamerGate" stuff. Would you actually like to do that? Just thinking it would be interesting if ya want. Free to keep the chatlogs and stuff, i dont care. I have Steam and Skype if that works, havent used Skype in ages so need to relearn how to use it.






No, I really wouldn’t. There is literally nothing to talk about. Gamer guys are egomaniacal pissbabies. Like, I’m scared of being on my deathbed with unfinished projects, or having my bike stolen because it’s my main method of transport, or running out of unemployment before I find another job. Y’know, real things. Them? They’re scared of journalism. Scared of their own dirty laundry.

That’s the fucking definition of cowardice.

Gamers need to grow a backbone like, 10 years ago.

How about you shut your fucking mouth because GamerGate is fighting  Corrupt Journalism from sites like kotaku and RPS. All of you fucking SJW’s are stupid thinking that all girls are innocent and all men are fucking evil. HOW ABOUT YOU KISS MY FUCKING ASS FOR HAVING THAT STUPID FUCKING MINDSET. A fucking girl didn’t want to be my friend anymore and i almost fucking committed suicide OVER HER. And the thing is that you fucking SJW’s will think she is all innocent even though she almost committed manslaughter. And that is really insulting.

P.S: Gamers also have jobs and shit and they are defending their video games from you SJW degenerates and your stupid agenda of killing all men. And gamers are not homophobic. Me, along with a few LGBT people support gamergate

P.S.S: Even Marceline is laughing at your stupidity.image

A fucking girl didn’t want to be my friend anymore and i almost fucking committed suicide OVER HER”

"she almost committed manslaughter"

Dear carlossalas81

Hi, I’m a dude. I know what it’s like to have your heart broken by a girl who wasn’t interested in you, even though you know in your heart you did everything you were told was right in order to make it work. I’ve felt that pain, I remember it, it’s terrible. It’s not always your fault though, sometimes it just wasn’t meant to be. Eventually you realize this and move on.

But I want you to know that you deserve that pain. It is your fault, and your reaction is even more pathetic. There is zero mystery why this girl would want nothing to do with you, and the further this girl gets away from you, the better. I would pay for her restraining order if I could. The fact that you think you can blame the consequences of your horrendous shittiness on people standing up to concentrated threats of murder over god damned fucking video games shows just how little happiness you really deserve.

I don’t normally engage militantly ignorant absolute losers online, but using Marceline to attack my spouse and people like her, in defence of violent misogyny, is kinda like coming to my kingdom and using the flag to slap the Queen, son. Enjoy being alone forever, you’ve truly earned it. 



Watch This Little Girl Age 80 Years Right Before Your Eyes

They say time flies when you’re having fun — and if that’s true, then little girl that opens this video must have been having a lot of it.

See the full video to see this incredible artist work step by step here.

(By South Korean illustrator Seok Jeong-hyeon)


a 9 panel tribute to Princess Mononoke, one of my favorite movies in the world 


a 9 panel tribute to Princess Mononoke, one of my favorite movies in the world 


Latest 6-pager.


Photographer:  Pascual Ibañez

Model: Adrian Pastor


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The Rugrats don’t have time for your gender-essentialist bullshit.

They say they want politics out of video game coverage? OK, now we’re getting somewhere.
By politics, the voices calling for ethics reform really mean “progressive” politics. The so-called corruption that needs to be rooted out is a focus on “diversity” and the “magnitude of the human experience.” It should be no surprise that the outlets and voices specifically targeted by GamerGate are progressive. Baldwin was the first of several notable opportunists who, despite caring little for video games or video game culture, were more than happy to contribute to any movement that counted “SJWs” — that’s “social justice warriors,” for those of you out of the loop — as enemies. That “social justice warrior” is considered a pejorative at all speaks volumes about the motivations behind much of GamerGate and its fixation on progressive voices.




Computer simulations that teach themselves to walk.

I’m just imagining a physical robot build test with this kind of learning pattern and it…..falling down almost a thousand times before it gets it right

(Ok it prolly starts to look passable around 300 judging by the generation gaps lol)

omg I can’t get over how silly these things look

Laughing like a dork over here xD




My contribution to the hype.

I wonder if, in 1991, Amano could have guessed at the endurance of this design in the franchise.

… *faint screaming*